Exiled Lands Asia PvE Official server 1325 disappeared after Update 2.1


Game mode: [Online officia]
Type of issue: [Crash]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Asia]

Official Server #1325 has gone missing after patch 2.1 released on 28.10.2020. It could not be accessed through direct connect too.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Login to steam
  2. Download patch update 2.1
  3. Open game Conan Exiles
  4. Follow until the server list appear and there you go “no server 1325” on the list.
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I can’t find the asia pve#1325 too :disappointed_relieved:

I also play here(#1325).
The server has just returned.

so glad :laughing:

Really?! 1325 is back for now? :eyes:
I couldn’t find it 2 hours ago.:cry:

for a while, the joy of server recovery,
but since last night, the server has been shut down again… :cry:

It seems that several new named crafting thralls have been added in the exiled land, so I would like to catch them asap…

The server was up on the list for short period of time yesterday (30.10.2020). It went missing again after a small update (aprox 28MB) happened later that night (server time GMT+8).

It is already more than 48 hours since the last appearance of official PVE server #1325 in Asia region. The server is still not up yet.

Hello !
Please, can you tell us what wrong with Asia Official Conan Exiles PVE Server 1325, sir ? :fearful:
I know you are very busy, but we are very worry about this server ! :sob:
Thank you very much ! And I hope all is well with you. :smiley:

72 hours has passed and server 1325 is still not up yet.

@Ignasi we have been asking but no feedback until today. Our building will soon be decayed. The time and effort we spent will be wasted for something beyond our, players, control. Would you compensate this? I hope this will be fixed soon and reinstate to the position so we don’t have to suffer loosing our building, valuable thralls etc. Please give us an update.

Below is a screen shot on 2.11.2020
Asia server list 02.11.2020


Hey there,

We’ve poked G-Portal so they can take a look at this server’s performance.

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Hi, sir.
So, why is the server dead now ? Does it have a big problem ? :fearful:
We want to know if it will be online soon ? :persevere:

Thank you.

May you be happy. :grinning:

Appreciate it. Though it is still not up yet on day 4 since its last appearance.

Me paso en uno de LATAM

Pasa en muchos

Quick update: There seems to be a problem when loading up the database caused by a unusually large number of items, placeables or NPCs causing the server to struggle when loading up. It’s being looked into to determine the cause.


@Ignasi, appreciate the effort. Just FYI, I have reported activities of clan in conflict blocking each other with thousands of torches a few months back. Those torches causing game client of who ever go near it to be crashed https://forums.funcom.com/t/pagoda-of-boundless-lust-is-blocked-by-a-player-clan/123302/2. Thousands of torches were also planted in I4. Secondly, undermeshing is also popular in this server. As far as I know there is one inside/underneath the black keep, one near the Bin-Yakin’s cave and one near my base in C10 north of circle of sword. Thirdly, some players were also planting pillars and foundations randomly to claim the land. The later one is preventing other/new player to build. They are built stretching even far from the players base. This behavior i.e. planting pillars and foundation randomly has been adopted to the Isle of Siptah too, especially in Official PVE server 6207, where pillars are planted criscrossing the island, preventing resources to spawn and other/new players to build.

I am sure those probably causing the loading issue of the server. This kind of behavior must be prevented to give a server better performance. But now, it has been 7 days since the server was up. This means my building, and more than a couple dozen other player too, will decay. There is no point for me to go back to server 1325 if that so happen.


Thanks @Ignasi for the assistance. The server was up for short period of time in the afternoon on 04.11.2020. I managed to reset the decay timer of my buildings. However, the server was down again after the hotfix 2.1.1. This server certainly have an odd behavior.


Olá @jordan15993 @Tomyhatch,

Se você ainda estiver tendo problemas e seu servidor for oficial da Siptah LATAM entre 6300 e 6306, você deve deixar um comentário neste tópico:

Hey there,

If you’re still having issues and your server is Siptah LATAM Official between 6300 and 6306, you should leave a comment on the above thread.

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