Exiled Lands Improved - Xotli Questions

Anyone know how in the ELI mod, with Xotli relgiious altar, to craft the gold-rimmed Harbinger armor? I see it in the admin panel and it provides higher armor and bonus health values than the version without gold rims on the item icon.

I have a Xotli Archpriest on the shrine I found in the volcano, which gave me the base level harbinger armor. Is the gold-rimmed from the Arch-Arch Priest of Xotli? xD

Not a mod I’ve tried - and it looks like you’re not getting much of an answer here. You may have more luck asking on the mods own discord - there should be someone there that actually knows the answer :slight_smile: Assuming you are using ELI ‘continued by Darc’ - which seems to be the up to date version from what I can see - the link for the discord is:

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