How do I make Xotli alter?

I’m building alters and have no clue how to build Xotli alter. How do I do this? Thanks!

There is no Xotli altar.


Zoltan :smiley:

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Ask on the Exile Lands Improved Discord.


Like @Multigun said, the Xotli altar is a featured added by the mod “Exile Lands Improved.” It is not part of the core Conan Exiles game.

I believe it involves turning in a Keystone at the Well of Skelos forge, if I remember correctly. But its best to ask the mod author; its been a while since I played with that mod running.

The mod worked. Now where do I find a list of priests for it? Thanks!

The priests are found on one of the upper levels around the Well of Skelos.

Thanks for helping me get my alter set up. Do the Xotli priests have names? If so, could I get the link to that? I’ve googled it, but no luck yet.

I don’t remember if there are named priests added. You should contact the mod author; she can answer your questions much better than I can.

Thanks for your help. I did check at top of skeltos well. I didn’t see any preists. I’ll check again. I did get the alter. A good start.

There’s always a priest. Check the other levels, too, if you haven’t found it (you may not have gone to the correct level). Its the one in the center of a group (one on each side, plus a number of three random worshippers). If you find the group, you’ll find the priest.

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