Exiles Requiem - RP (Rules and Guidelines) PvEC 3xXP/2XHarvest/Modded/+18 (EST)

  • Server Name: Exiles Requiem Strict RP-PVEC 3xXP/2XHarvest/Modded/Over 18 ONLY
  • Server IP:
  • Daily Restart: 12AM/12PM Eastern
  • Discord: m9R33Bc

Exiles Requiem is a Role Playing server which has dedicated times for PvP Combat (Mon-Fri 4pm-2am EST and Sat-Sun Noon-2am EST). This server is administered by a group of real life friends, who are on throughout the day to insure the server is maintained and up-to-date on mods. We are a 32 slot server, but are open to increasing this as need arises.

We currently have 2 small, active clans and are looking to expand our community. We have a trading hub, several RP hubs and an arena. We will be scheduling events, with awards, that the entire community will be encouraged to take part in.

We have Sorcery, Vampires, Slayers and Shaman and are currently looking for class leads for Shaman and Vampires.

Our Discord Information is: m9R33Bc and lists the rules and policies for Clans, Building, RP, etc…

We are open to suggestions and appreciate input from the community. If you should have any questions, please contact me via discord.

Some Mods Include:
Lesser Building Restrictions
Savage Steel

Kind regards and safe travels,

Magen Shae

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