Experience bug in new dungeon

Hello everyone,

This is being investigated and we will get back to you once we have more information about it :smile:

Thank you for your patience!


No, you can level up 50 thralls to 20 in a very short time. Every time you finish the dungeon buy 2 warrior thralls from the slaver. Then take those into the dungeon when it resets.

With clanmates, you can do this in even less time.

There are more important things to fix with the new patch than some bonus XP.

Oh yeah, absolutely. Also got some serious levelling up in there and was above level 30 when first tried, and completed the dungeon. Not sure what the XP amounts are, but by the last challenge - Wow!

Oh no…
Not NERF again!
You know what they gonna patch it - ZERO EXP and done deal
That’s it

well for sure if you are 10 you can do all x10 faster it s the case for everything.and a thrall level 20 can still be killed in few second now ( i would prefer that it was not the case, and to have for this dungeon an other use, but… game balance is thrall are paper now in pvp, they remain still helpfull in pve)

anyways i was doing calculation for a solo player, and you cannot do this dungeon contuniously, there is just certain moment where you can do it and after you have to wait to be able to do it again. you can also loose all because the blood beast can kill all if you take more time to the dungeon, i think there is a timer of 15mn.

anyways with was you got from this dungeon that is weapons for thrall and material for doing epic armor and money to buy more thralls, if this is not intended, well …

Yup. look at this XP notification

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Never talked about bug fixing priority :slight_smile: and while we could I’m not going there.

Not gonna lie… we’ve leveled a ton of thralls with this new dungeon. It’s not really fair that it’s possible… buuuuut I’m going to keep doing it until they fix it.

Horses with 10k plus health are nice too

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Is this bug STILL in the game? Noticed a patch today but no notes regarding it.