Exploring Old Tarantia

When coming to Old Tarantia, I was always annoyed with this arrogant guy on the Avenue of Roses and his cheeky slogans:

What he is guarding is the rooftop terrace on top of Madame Zila’s, which may only be entered by members of the guild with the highest renown:

This lovingly designed part of Old Tarantia is not meant for everyone? - That’s why Samsonyte has come up with a way to circumvent the Guard.

My path starts here, at this panorama, from where you can jump to the opposite ledge:

Follow the ledge and then jump down until you reach this place, then jump into the gap:

At such places there are often these mysterious dimension tunnels, so here too. - If you jump hard enough with any swift mount, a short dimension tunnel will open and put you inside the rock under King Conan’s castle. - Do not be surprised about weird effects like this, just relog:

As the walls are invisible from the inside of the rock, you can see all buildings which surround it:

The next task is a little bit tricky. - You must jump exactly on the top of this wooden post:

Then just step through the invisible wall and you’re there:

Apart from a waitress and a firework, there is a Maestro on the terrace, where you can order a number of dance performances:

The dance performances are quite entertaining:

Samsonyte, too, together with his pet, the Cimmerian folk dancer, had a lot of fun with the girls:

The terrace is really worth seeing, a nice content, actually too good for a single Guild !

From up there it is also possible to reach the bridge leading over the Avenue of Roses:

… and from there you can even scale the the city walls of OT. - But that’s another story …

For today only a few more pictures from my tour:

The Temple of Mitra. I did not see before that heavenly light on its top:

So sacred the place that Samsonyte’s feet do not even touch the ground:

High over the market place:

Yet another bridge:

I hope you enjoyed this “new content” of the game.
If Funcom doesn’t, someone else has to contribute. :laughing:



I admire your exploration! I have had access to the Door Warden a long time ago because I was in a guild that qualified to go in and it is a nice little area. I may try later to sneak in. Great work!I

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That’s interesting, there is another way up the VIP guild area… I sometimes go up there because I have to supply someone with overripe mangos and cabbage but I take a completely different way :smiley:
Definitely going to try this out, maybe your way is easier :wink:


Love this :slight_smile: The one time the guild I am in had access to this area I was sick, so it’s nice to see what I missed :smiley:

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When you have managed to reach the rooftop terrace - either as a member of the #1 guild, or by sneaking in, then there is an easy way to reach the city walls of OT:

… and if you have given the Maestro some coins, you can see the puppets dancing over there:

A fine place to watch coming and going at the trading post:

It’s best to explore the city wall on horseback - not only because you have to travel longer distances, but also to be able to pass the towers:

Above the east gate:

Near the west gate:

The racetrack and Ostler’s horse trade:

The wall towers can also be climbed, as well as the waterspouts attached there:

Adjacent buildings:

A hidden staircase, only accessible from up here:

When climbing over the roofs, you should beware of some pitfalls:

Sometimes you get trapped in buildings which have no exit. Then only a teleport helps:

Everyone knows this courtyard, though perhaps not from an explorer’s point of view. - It’s the Green Man Tavern:

When Samsonyte has reached the end of the city wall, the beacons at the harbor entrance are already burning:

… to be continued :slightly_smiling_face:



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