Exploring The Forgotten City

Exploring begins here, at a little gap, where one can fall down to the lower level:

You’ll find yourself WITHIN the corner of the wall and in front of a small slope.

Now you must jump up that slope. - Sounds easy but you should have as much speed as possible (veterans boots, travellers trousers and legendary cloak would be useful):

Once up there, next steps are quite easy. Because you are now UNDER the palace floor you can walk straight forward until you reach free space:

The Palace of Aiji seen from the back:

From here you can begin to explore in any direction:

Entering the ancient city:

Lemurian architecture all around:

High Oracle Youji standing on the other side of the broken bridge:

Be careful not to get trapped: Some buildings have no exit. - Only Path of Asura can get you free (or you have to wait until the instance resets):

I wanted to reach the waterfall far above the canyon (the place marked with an X):

… I have come that far:

Later I started a new expedition, taking another way and finally reaching my objective.

But that’s another story.:slightly_smiling_face:



My quest for today, thanks!! :beers:

Where exactly is the crack to slide through? I am in position of the first screen shot with the title but cannot find it. Thx

FOUND IT :grinning:

Mmmh, suspicious, today i was leveling my unconquered in Forgotten City and The Breach and there was another player in Gateway, maybe it was you? Are you following me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is the story how Samsonyte reached the waterfall.

After getting outside the palace there are mostly hills and mountains:

… and a miles deep abyss you have to jump down to reach other regions of the map:

… absolutely deadly, a self-resurrection potion is a good idea:


Just revived:

Now turn southeast until you reach the edge of the map. At one point it’s almost impossible to climb the hill … but there is a DIMENSION TUNNEL, one of those mysterious anomalies which explorers have been using for a long time …

Travelling inside the tunnel:

After leaving the tunnel, new areas are within reach:

Back to the plains:

Nothing exciting here, only a hole in the ground:

On my way to the waterfall:

A most spectacular viewpoint:

Getting closer to my objective:

Looking back into the valley:

As close as you can get:

Jump over there and catch the falling waters:

At last - Samsonite standing far above the falling waters:

The safest way to approach is shown here:

.and this is my Expedition Map:

Good luck when trying ! :slightly_smiling_face:



Wow I never realised the amazing view in Forgotten City was real. I just assumed it was a skybox/greenscreen type thingy going on. Thanks.

EDIT I posted this to the wrong thread, apologies! It is meant for the Forgotten City.

Jarafin heard the stories of hidden lands, and after trying for a time herself- she decided to leave such folly to others. Yet, one day she chanced upon a slim Khitan woman who claimed she had found the way into the hidden valley of the Forgotten City. Drawing from the knowledge of Samsonyte, she sketched some of what she had seen for Jarafin-

The Khitan woman had hoped for more exploration, but she cautioned Jarafin that she could not find a way out from the archway in the first drawing without using the Path of Asura. Jarafin was intrigued and decided she may herself take up the mantle once more. At least, she would seek this woman in the taverns to hear further tales of exploration.


2nd Exploration Run-

On The Other Side of the Bridge