Exploring The Forgotten City

Exploring begins here, at a little gap, where one can fall down to the lower level:

You’ll find yourself WITHIN the corner of the wall and in front of a small slope.

Now you must jump up that slope. - Sounds easy but you should have as much speed as possible (veterans boots, travellers trousers and legendary cloak would be useful):

Once up there, next steps are quite easy. Because you are now UNDER the palace floor you can walk straight forward until you reach free space:

The Palace of Aiji seen from the back:

From here you can begin to explore in any direction:

Entering the ancient city:

Lemurian architecture all around:

High Oracle Youji standing on the other side of the broken bridge:

Be careful not to get trapped: Some buildings have no exit. - Only Path of Asura can get you free (or you have to wait until the instance resets):

I wanted to reach the waterfall far above the canyon (the place marked with an X):

… I have come that far:

Later I started a new expedition, taking another way and finally reaching my objective.

But that’s another story.:slightly_smiling_face:



My quest for today, thanks!! :beers:

Where exactly is the crack to slide through? I am in position of the first screen shot with the title but cannot find it. Thx

FOUND IT :grinning:

Mmmh, suspicious, today i was leveling my unconquered in Forgotten City and The Breach and there was another player in Gateway, maybe it was you? Are you following me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is the story how Samsonyte reached the waterfall.

After getting outside the palace there are mostly hills and mountains:

… and a miles deep abyss you have to jump down to reach other regions of the map:

… absolutely deadly, a self-resurrection potion is a good idea:


Just revived:

Now turn southeast until you reach the edge of the map. At one point it’s almost impossible to climb the hill … but there is a DIMENSION TUNNEL, one of those mysterious anomalies which explorers have been using for a long time …

Travelling inside the tunnel:

After leaving the tunnel, new areas are within reach:

Back to the plains:

Nothing exciting here, only a hole in the ground:

On my way to the waterfall:

A most spectacular viewpoint:

Getting closer to my objective:

Looking back into the valley:

As close as you can get:

Jump over there and catch the falling waters:

At last - Samsonite standing far above the falling waters:

The safest way to approach is shown here:

.and this is my Expedition Map:

Good luck when trying ! :slightly_smiling_face:



Wow I never realised the amazing view in Forgotten City was real. I just assumed it was a skybox/greenscreen type thingy going on. Thanks.