Exploring Dragonspine

Some exploring took me to the top of the Palace of Cetriss:

Quite easy to reach with a swift mount if you know the way :sunglasses:


Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!


Some more exploring at Dragon Spine.

Palace of Cetriss at night:

Climbing on the facade:

The overgrown palace from above:

Jumped down to have a closer look:

Another mystery:
I always wanted to know what’s down there ???

The only way to find out:

This poor guy was trapped there …

Samsonyte taking a rest high over the oasis:

The expedition map:


A+ for the doted map !

Do the Crawling Chaos quest series and you’ll get to see a lot of Dragonspine, including a cool hidden zone.

the zone where the ex devs live is still the best.

If you speak of GM Island - this is strictly off limits to us players :frowning_face:

There’s a thread with a video of it:

But on Dragon Spine there’s an easteregg one can find and visit: