Can we have access to GM island because of no reason?


After 9 years of jumping around hub’s I would like to have a new place to enjoy global drama or while waiting for a RF stuff, could we have access to a GM Island? I couldn’t find a vid on YT but as I remember it was so nice place.


That could be a lot of fun, but if I remember right, there is dangerous stuff there Funcom wouldn’t want players having access to.

I also remember that video you speak of. I can’t find it either.

Edit: Found it.


Oh thanks a lot man! What is that “dangerous” stuff you speak of? I brought my idea because they can’t/won’t spend any $$$ for this game and this is just copy/paste with any name and they could add “something like quest for example” there in the future.


I thought a GM/Dev once said there where things on the island you could interact with. I don’t remember what. But it would give players access to powers they shouldn’t have.

Or something like that…


Lets stick with… “or something like that…” :wink:


But you guys didn’t say NO ;D?, yes? no? yes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe it was those Testlive NPC’s Fate and the Raidmaster. As well as the professions quest npcs.


I believe this will not cost much work to delete npcs


No. You can not.


Thanks for answer.


Thank you for posting the video, I have seen a lot of FC videos, but never that one.



Hmmmmm, noticed there was a commemorative plaque for a Follower of Asura named Sunstar.
Has someone been raised from the dead and promoted to demi-god? :thinking:

Edit: yep, at 4:52 in the video it clearly says Sunstar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: