Are the GMs gone?


I posted a petition a week ago, and i did not receive any reply yet.

I was wondering if as part of your policy changes, the GMs have disappeared from the game.

Thank you.

P.D: I am a paying customer with an active account, if that helps.


Sadly it doesn’t matter if you’re a sub customer or not. They are around to ban or close threads that we talk about customer support or hacks/ hackers. I hope you solve it without the need of a gm


From all the recent reports, it seems that all the GM’s are on strike… :grimacing:


And is @Mussagana gone? His profile is private / not accesable / does nor exist, and he is no longer automaticely tagable…


He left Funcom in January.

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Oh no :scream:
So now there is no one left who has any clue about AoCs code :sob:.


I guess that explains a lot… looks like most left AoC


I`ve submitted a ticket 35 days ago :smiley:


I’ve heard they don’t respond to any petitions unless your subscribed and if you are the time it can take for a response will vary, from weeks to months.

I’ve also heard there’s only 1 dev assigned to the game at this point,

I’ve sent through emails to support about a stuck character weeks ago and have still had no response,

Goodluck though.


The GMs are probably chained to their chairs and being forced to draw vanity gear for Conan Exiles and then allowed to make up content for SWL on their coffeebreaks.

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I would hazard a guess the small staff at Funcom is tied up with Conan Unconquered, among other things (hopefully some awesome anniversary content). Sure, we the loyal base would love to see a few people dedicated to our game, but sadly it’s only a small part of the corporate world of Funcom. All we can do is hope, and enjoy the world that we have. :wink:


To my knowledge, Funcom isnt directly incolved with Conan Uncon’d. Rather they’re just the publisher. So I would assume they’re drawing vanity gear as I said earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

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You may right after I think about it, I hope they have good coffee anyway :coffee: