How many, how many

I would (simply) like to know how many “Game Masters” and how many “Developers” are still having an active role to Age of Conan: Unchained…

Because I don’t see any “funcom” comments in a long list of posts. And the ingame petitions are getting delayed for a very, very long time.

Simple question; honest answer please.


Sadly, they wont answer you with numbers. Just there are “some” who work on AoC.

But most of them are sharing their job with other live games.

What I would like to see is to “port” more from Conan Exiles. It has been proven it is possible so they dont need to create new assets, just import those already used in CE.

Also the soundtrack - at least the new tracks from Knut in CE would be nice for the “new content” coming to AoC ( wink @AndyB ).

Lets see what answer we get here and also in the second q 2019 financials (if any).

I didn’t think it was possible to straight port over assets from CE to AoC. I thought they actually had to re-create them. For things like that vanity armor set, there may have been some part of it that could be re-used and not created from scratch, but it isn’t as simple as a copy / paste = new content.

Suggestion: Hire knowledgeable players as volunteer/temporary GM’s, and help clear the existing petitions.

How much much do you think they are generating from aoc monthly

Probably more than you think, but the problem is that the money from AoC doesn’t seem to be coming back, but elsewhere instead.

I would be surprised to see enough profit to pay staff on aoc.

If only players could be trusted with such tasks… I fear of a lot of abuse of gm power


At this point in time I doubt there are any GMs or Developers who work full-time on AoC.
The GMs share their attention between all of Funcom’s games, so a sudden increase of petitions over in Conan Exiles would spill over and cause delays here too.

Similar with developers - probably none whose primary job is to work on AoC, but some who do work on AoC when needed - needed in the view of management that is.

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