Exporing Dragon Spine: The Death Canyon


This time, Samsonyte’s expedition leads to the southern edge of the Dragon Spine. There, the field of play to deter too curious explorers is not limited by sandworms, but by a miles-deep canyon. Anyone who dares to jump down there and then revive will be overwhelmed by a momentary death spell.

But the programmers did not expect the resourcefulness of explorers, who nevertheless find a way. :sunglasses:

It begins here, at the southern archaeological site, and is initially identical to the path that leads to the local panorama.
The further way can be seen here:


This rock must be conquered, but is too high for a jump with the horse:


That’s why an old explorer trick is used, namely a level of firewood at half height:


It worked, Samsonyte is above:


Now only the Acheron barrier has to be overcome. A little bit of jumping in the right place …


… and that’s done

Samsonyte is now on the high plateau outside the invisible barrier:

From up here there are already fantastic views:

… but my goal is the death canyon:

Now I have to find a way down:

Since this does not exist, only a jump into the depth with subsequent revival helps.

Arrived at the bottom of the canyon, I have circumvented the death spell:

Samsonyte first explores the canyon in a westerly direction. There it ends in a kind of natural arena.
You should not enter this area. Here are sandworms again:

Interesting, that even down here vegetation is to be found:

Samsonyte moves cautiously eastward:

The sight is getting worse and the death spell can strike at any time:

And then it happened. - Without warning, the death spell struck and put an end to my expedition here:

This is my expedition map: