Exploring: The Silk Road

My explorer report this time comes from the Silk Road, the area you have to cross to get from Khemi to Khitai. In total there are about a dozen scenarios that can appear at random. So far, Samsonyte has only found a way through the Acheronian Barrier in one of them, namely in the quest Scouting Ahead or Vorauskommando as it is called in German.

The view from the mountain down to the caravan that has stopped:

Samsonyte continues through a relatively inanimate, but thoroughly detailed landscape:

In this INI the oasis is not populated by mobs and can be explored safely:

Encounter with a vulture:

In the distance a cave:

The cave is deserted. - Possibly part of another scenario?

Vultures circling far away. - I want to take a closer look at this point:

You can find the ruins of an ancient temple there:

The temple cannot be reached in any of the Silk Road quests, I only saw it in the background once in the special quest with the messenger from Zamora.

The step mountains in this INI are perfect for climbing and exploring:

The INI is worked out in detail up to the horizon:

The waypoints on this map mark the course of the invisible barrier. You can see: Only a very small part of the area can be entered regularly:

… However, explorers find a way out here too.

In the quest Scouting Ahead you can find this hedge, which disappears when doing the quest and gives access to a climbing vine:

There you climb up and then cross a rock gate to get to the invisible barrier:

Now a few more attempts to jump in the right place and you’re out:

Now Samsonyte has to quickly return to the caravan. - The caravan leader is already waiting impatiently … :grin:



Petition for a Samsonyte + Horse statue to be erected by the OT trader as the great explorer of Hyboria.


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Hear Hear!!!