Exploring Outside Conarch

In these times of The Plague Samsonyte must sit in his chamber within the guild city, time enough to sift through the records of past expeditions.

So this is the story of my expedition to the outside of Conarch:

As the little village of Conarch is surrounded by massive palisades combined with invisible barriers, the first question is: How can these barriers be overcome? - For Samsonyte this has been a tough task so far.

There are well-known smuggling routes that can even be found on the Internet, but with them you have to overcome the palisade wall with a lot of effort, which so far has been difficult for me.

That’s why I looked for my own smuggler path, where you can overcome the invisible barrier with a little perseverance.

This path starts here, near the Chieftains’ Hall:

Jumping at this spot with enough speed and endurance finally does the trick:

After having overcome the invisible barrier, move straight through the Chieftains’ Hall:

Now find a safe descent:

The Chieftain’s Hall:

The landscape outside:

Ready for the first exploration, this time accompanied:

The milestone marks the path leading to the Conall valley:

However, we leave the main path and follow a narrow path to the right into the mountains:

Our horses have to climb extremely:

To our surprise there is also one of these stones up here:

This object at the highest point of the summit is even more interesting:

Another detail the designers have placed outside of the official content:

From here you have a fantastic view:

Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings. Well, an explorer’s fate…

The mountain from a different perspective. - The X marks the highest point where the summit mark is:

A lot of other things can be found outside Conarch:

The Cave of no Return, as it was called by the first explorers:

Why this name? - Well, when you step inside: The ground would swallow you …

Then only Path of Asura or a timely /stuck command could help.

Mysterious traces in the snow:

A flower that grows only here:

There’s so much more to discover, but now the Cimmerian night breaks in, bringing my expedition to an end:

stay healthy :blush: