Exploring the Lacheish Plains

I finally found a smuggler’s path through the invisible barrier in the Lacheish Plains.

Hence my report today on this topic:

After passing the smuggler’s path, you have a view of the nearby guild city:

Depending on the selection of the instance, there is of course another city in the same place, this one Tier1:

A dangerous steep slope extends over the entire length of the playing field:

…and another discovery: A mile-high monolith extends from the plain:

On the way down to the plain you come to a crystal clear mountain lake:

Here it goes on swimming:

Finally on the lower level, the monolith within reach:

Well, I survived a fatal crash with a rezz potion.

Samsonyte at the foot of the monolith:

Then it goes through a dimension tunnel back up into the mountains. The dimension tunnel drops Samsonyte on this small mountain stream:

On my further way I found this unusual rock formation reminiscent of a dragon spine:

More guild cities seen from above:

Finally you get to this mysterious stone circle:

It’s a bit hidden, but in fact it is part of the regular content:

Years ago one of Funcom’s landscape designers named ZANGRIEF moved the invisible walls outwards, especially for the German explorer community.

The regular way which Zangrief designed begins here, at 499/723, where you can easily see the breakthrough through the otherwise blocking rocks:

Here is a HINT as to WHERE you can find my smuggler’s path. It’s near the eastern guild city:

You need a fast mount and a lot of persistence to overcome the invisible barrier at that spot:

And this is the route of my expedition:



Inspiring to the potential explorer, as always! Thank you for walking (and swimming and riding) where angels fear to tread…

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