Exploring The Breach

This time my expedition led me to The Breach.
In this ini you usually move in the narrow valleys populated by numerous mobs, through which you have to fight your way to the final bosses.

Well, as an explorer you can proceed a little differently. :wink:

After breaking out of the Acheronian Barrier, you leave the mob-populated valleys and come to an area full of gray fog:

There are no mobs here, but the area is still dangerous: the visibility is poor and there are deep crevices in the rocks that can be fatal for the explorer:

However, the crevices also have a great advantage: At the deepest point you can often find a dimension tunnel that can be used to move forward:

On your way you will see phantastic landscapes:

Then the destination of my expedition appears for the first time in the distance: the destroyed piece of the Great Wall

… and is finally reached:

The destroyed section of the wall seen up close:

You can even enter the watchtower:

The Hyrcanians have closed the gap in the wall with huts and a lot of wooden structures:

The final boss has no idea of ​​my presence:

Only when Samsonyte climbs on the wooden framework

… the final battle is triggered:

By the way, a step backwards appeased the Khan.

After that, Samsonyte had to take a little rest, - Well, this point could only be reached by extreme balancing on the palisade:

Finally, this picture shows how the Acheronian Barrier can be overcome :sunglasses: :



Can you tell us how much time it takes you to discover a new path all to the end? Especially when every mistake sets you back to zero? Hut ab vor deiner Geduld!