Exploring: Cradle of Decay

Because of The Plague, Samsonyte is still in his scriptorium with enough time to remember his old expeditions.

This time it’s the story how I explored the upper level of The Cradle of Decay.

Once the invisible barrier has been overcome and the upper level of the playfield has been reached, the explorer has a phantastic view that is completely different from that in the lower areas:

There’s an eerie purple mist up here:

The pale light of the moon barely penetrates the purple darkness:

The explorer almost disappears in the mist:

Every step up here can be the last one, because you can only “feel” your way …

…which is all the more dangerous since there are also deadly rocky slopes here:

Nevertheless, Samsonyte managed to survive up here and was rewarded with unique views of the playfield:

Well, if you also want to try it, HERE starts the “smuggler’s path”:

You have to jump into that gap …

… and then work your way up jump by jump …

… until you have reached the upper level, where you can begin exploring:

Good luck and stay healthy :slight_smile: