Exploring Purple Lotus Swamp

Since The Plague is still raging and King Conan has ordered his people to stay at home, Samsonyte too sits in his guild city, remembering expeditions of the past.

So this is another one, this time leading to the Purple Lotus Swamp.

In the Purple Lotus Swamp there was once hidden content that could only be reached on a hidden path.

Samsonyte had visited the place a long time ago:

The textures there were later damaged and were only repaired by a late update.
OK, let’s see what it looks like now, Samsonyte thought and set off for the PLS.

The place where the hidden path to the stone idol begins behind a bush was quickly found:

But it looks different behind it now. - Perhaps the designer no longer knew about the secret path and accidentally removed it during the repair. - In any case, Samsonyte couldn’t get any further here:

… not even with the explorer trick with the campfire:

So a new way had to be found …

A tiny elevation in the terrain and the course of the invisible barrier at this unseen point …

… lets Samsonyte overcome the invisible barrier with a few jump attempts and he can start his way in the fog of early morning:

High above the swamps:

A guild city appears in the distance:

The fog cleared a little:

More guild cities on my way:

Then it is necessary to move to the edge of the playfield, but now a mountain wall blocks the way:

Fortunately, the wall is not massive …

… and this is how I can continue:

Some time later I come across a path that I recognize. The path to the stone idol used to be here:

Now circle the rock …

… and the stone idol can be seen in the distance:

Everything is the same as before - except that the head can only be reached by a detour:

Finally a few more explorer pictures from the Purple Lotus Swamp:

The mountain range that encloses the playfield:

On the go at dawn:

Over deep gorges:

Finally, my expedition map:

… and thanks to the designer who created a new challenge for explorers with his repair. :wink:

stay healthy - bleibt gesund