Exploring Conall Valley

A few years ago, a number of explorers never returned from their expeditions in the mountain region of Conall Valley.

This is Samsonyte’s story how he found their traces:

The expedition begins here, where the access to the high mountains is hidden behind a bush:

Then you have to turn left to get to a rocky plateau, the outstanding feature of which is a single tree:

This passage is not as dangerous as it seems to be:

When you are in the glacier region, the search can begin.

The first missing Explorer is found:

He lies frozen in front of his tent:

Leaving the tent behind, Samsonyte climbs higher and higher into the mountains:

Then, in a deep crevasse, lies the second corpse:

Unfortunately, Samsonyte has jumped into the crevasse, but it’s steep walls make it impossible to escape.

For such situations Samsonyte has a special blade:


A short cut with the blade and he respawns at the next resurrection point.

Later he finds the third missing Explorer, this time not in the high mountains, as you can see in this picture:

The poor guy must have lost his head when he fell off the ladder. :thinking:

Later, having returned to the rocky plateau with the lonely tree, Samsonyte notices that the river, as can be seen from here, just seems to disappear into the landscape. This river, fed by numerous glaciers and mountain streams, should simply seep away behind the Cimmerian village? That can not be true:

To get down to the river level you have to cross the invisible barrier twice:

The second one is the most difficult. - Trapped between the rock and the invisible barrier, you must jump with extreme perseverance before landing in the river.

Finally done! :slightly_smiling_face:

What looked like a massive slope is actually just a magical invisibility cloak that lies like a blanket over the further course of the river.

Enough reason for a further exploration!

to be continued …



That’s how the story continues:

After Samsonyte has made the descent to the river level, he follows the river, whose canyon turns out to be a wild and romantic landscape:

The course of the river ends at a waterfall, which cannot be seen except on explorer trails. A funny idea from the designers: The waterfall pours into nothingness at the edge of the map:

Here, at the end of the world, you can find a dimension tunnel in the shape of a deep funnel in the landscape:

Once inside the hole and jumping with some perseverance, a dimension gate opens that enables the onward journey:

… ending up here:

Right, that’s the Conarch Gate, seen from the other side.

Now darkness has fallen and an eventful day is drawing to a close:

The next morning brings a wonderful sunrise:

Samsonyte sets out to reach the Frost Fields far to the east:

Above the valley narrow paths lead further to the east:

From here you can see the high plateau with the lonely tree, where the expedition started days ago. The deadly slope, almost exactly in the middle of the picture, looks so inconspicuous from up here:

On the way you have to pass a place with extreme caution: Up here the Acheronian Barrier runs so far out that you can easily get into the regular playing field:

So carefully pass this invisible border and continue up into the glacier region:

In the distance you can already see the Frost Fields with the Hyperborean Gate.

The ice desert is getting more and more inhospitable and the rocks are getting steeper:

Now for a rest:

Later it goes on to the edge of a steep abyss:

A stumbling of the horse and the explorer’s fate strikes:

… Ok, Cheat The Reaper and Resurrection Potion prevented worse.

Past bizarre rock formations and through one of the dimension tunnels the expedition continues:

Long forgotten Atlantic gods have left strange marks here:

… or has the designer tried out his drawing tool? :thinking:

Today’s destination is now far below, the Frost Fields:


From here, the Hyperborean Gate seems to be very close, but it cannot be reached via these slopes:

Next time I will report how Samsonyte managed to get there.

… to be continued



Here is the last part of Samsonyte’s explorer report from Conall Valley:

Last time I could not reach the huge gate from the front side:

So I decided to approach it from the back. - Unfortunately, on the entire north side of the playfield insurmountable rock faces prevent progress.

But there are also a number of dimension tunnels that can be used to move forward:

Since I have learned to get off the tunnel during the ride, I have found some interesting rock formations that could not have been reached the normal way:

And at one point this strange inscription, probably left by one of the Atlantic gods:

Or has a landscape designer left an autograph here and is that possibly his real name? :thinking:

Finally, I also found the back of the gate:

Unfortunately, the gate is impenetrable from here, but at least I was able to poke my head through to look at part of the wooden structure:

The next attempt in the dimension tunnel finally brought the desired success. After the direction and timing of the jump were correct, I finally stood high above the gate at this point:

And then the sun went down - a sight from which I could hardly tear myself away:

But now there was still the descent, and if possible before dark:

Finally at the bottom:

A wistful look back:

And then the explorer’s decision at the end of his journey:
When I walk through this gate I am back in the inhabited world:


Outside I was already expected by these two older men, who otherwise treat strangers rather unfriendly. But because I probably came from the other direction, they even allowed themselves to be persuaded to take a group picture :grinning:

Here is my expedition map:

That was it from Conall Valley, now Samsonyte has to devote himself to the dreary everyday life of an Aquilonian citizen by fighting mobs and monsters. - But one thing is certain: the next expedition is already planned. :slightly_smiling_face: