Washed Clean quest help

Need some help/advice with a quest.

I have picked up the Washed Clean quest chain from an NPC in my guild city. I am currently stuck on the first portion where I have been tasked to find talismans all over the game world.

One of these talismans is located in Conall’s Valley, but I am unable to reach it. The map shows it in an area that has so far been inaccessible to me.

Does anyone have any advice (pics/maps/videos) on how I can reach this area?

I feel to remeber that u have to climb to get there. Have a look for climbing points …

It’s a pain jumping up there but it is possible. You need to work your way up the ice from the right hand side as I recall.

You were right, I had more jumping to do alongside the waterfall. I found it helped sometimes swimming upstream, it allowed that better than jumping on the rock face.

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