Questing In Conarch Valley

Hey Guys, so appreciate any advise you can give. I’m working on my Achievement points and trying to finish up Conarch Valley. There’s a quest from the Gravesinger and the next to last part is called “The Gravesingers Voice”. You have to find a horn lost in FOTD. I’ve looked everywhere. Tried out every horn I could find in FOTD. Killed countless NPCs, but still can’t find his voice.

Any idea as to where to find this please? Thanks again for all you do.

It’s on the ground of a sea iirc

one is at bears cave near cascade waterfalls
another one is near frozen traveler just on the way to fotd
and last one is deep beneath the surface of water pound just after waterfall there on the way down off ymirs soldiers

I think that the horn you are looking for is not in the FotD. It is in and NPC that is frozen in rock in Conall’s Valley to the left of the pathway that leads to FotD. So, look for the entrance of FotD on your Conall’s Valley Map, head there, and you should see some poor soul stuck in a rock. Click on him and there is your horn.

Good luck


Thanks a lot, that really helps.