No horn to enter the courtyard in Vanaheim

I need help. I’ve killed Heimdhal but I haven’t finished the rest of the quests in Vanaheim. I tried to enter the courtyard, I have killed everybody out there but no horn to open the gate, what should I do?

I think Heimdahl is inside the fort, to get to him you have had to open the gate with the horn. If you have killed him and went back outside, and want to go back in the fort, it might be on cooldown. Generally, the horn drops from the hunters outside or any vanir. I have always got the horn on about the first drop.

the horn is from hunters.

No hunters, I killed everybody. I joined a friend and he retrieved the horn for me. Thanks, Cappa,

Thanks, Jarafin. My problemm was that my little sister lost or sold the horn while she played Vanaheim. When I wanted to do it again because there were some quests unfinished, I couldn’t go back in to the courtyard: no horn. I killed everybody outside, no hunters, then no horn. Then a guy from my guild help me find another horn. Jarafin, you are very nice taking your time to answer. I have a technical problem that until now no one has asolution, but I do not want to bother you anymore explaining it to you. Have a nice day, from Germany.

Glad you got your horn. In case someone else is having the same problem, just thought I’d mention you only get the horn from the hunters if you have the quest for it from the Shieldmaiden. For that quest, you have to do the series from the beginning again, which can be restarted after cooldown.

P.S. Even if you have the horn in your inventory from a previous visit, you have to do the quest again to get a new one to get past the gate.

P.P.S. This is different from the horn you can buy from the vendor in Conarch Village that is needed for the hardmode version. You only need one of that horn, and it can be stored or traded without losing hardmode status.

It drops from the hunters but also i seen it drop from the mammoth riders when it didnt drop from the hunters