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Hello Community,

i play this game for a very long time and now i strumbled over a Waterstained Note on an isle in the southern river i never heared of.

I updated the Gamepedia with all informations (text, coords, picture) i could get, but i never found the mammoth skull this note is talking about. Did someone has an idea where its leads to ?

greets SirBowen

P.S. it is not the Salaceo´s Instructions treasure hunt.

I always forget to actually look for it… But have found note a few times.

I looked around 1st time, saw no mammoth skulls, didn’t think any of dafari camps had one, only in north. =/

Keep forgetting LOL

It feels to me like there was some ideas at start, but some stories was never fully implemented.

It’s disapointing i know, because the game is perfect for some mysteries, treasure-quests, and storyline. I searched lot afte such items, ghosts, and storyline in my first playtroughs.
Also most treasures are only nice if you’re very low level, but not a thing when you uppet just a little bit. There is also still the ghost where was the boarder before the opening of the green nothern area. He’s still falling dead again and again, for no evident reasons now. Looks he had been forgotten to. And there many example so around the map.

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Due to this posting I got the note as well, and when the text was read to me on picking it up, I believe the voice says ‘northernmost pillar’ and ‘smash it’.

Correct, he had already mentioned this on the discord so he did not add it in here; the text read in voice goes

Genius plan! If it is buried inside the northern most pillar, opposite the river beneath the skull of a mammoth than smash it! The only ones who know are us

He would like to know the location mentioned though, if anyone has a clue.

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