Lorestone locations

I’m working on the two journal goals to find all the lorestones, and I’m getting to the point that I’m unsure whether I’ve missed some (most likely) or that the journal is bugged (not impossible). Here’s what I’ve found so far; does anybody have any more to add?


Obviously the Broken Highway lorestones where you first spawn are all duplicates, and the lorestones at the entrance to the Citadel of the Triumvirate, the Dregs and the Tower of Bats are paired. I don’t know if the journal goal requires us to just read one of each or all of them.

There’s also a fallen lorestone north of the Ruins of Old Nebthu, near Raknys Journal #1, that is most probably a Giant-king lorestone and may be bugged due to is lack of response. (TeleportPlayer -121665.671875 -15121.791992 -953.172852)

The Broken Highway #1 : TeleportPlayer -49384.019531 320065.375 -21246.222656
The Broken Highway #2 : TeleportPlayer -18147.683594 323602.4375 -20194.677734
The Broken Highway #3 : TeleportPlayer 23718.871094 318460.09375 -20859.884766
The Broken Highway #4 : TeleportPlayer 61821.027344 309177.03125 -21396.759766
The Broken Highway #5 : TeleportPlayer 102169.546875 316708.03125 -21503.550781
The Broken Highway #6 : TeleportPlayer 127114.945313 311595.9375 -21196.859375
South end of Shattered Bridge : TeleportPlayer -74255.234375 262982.21875 -14968.744141
North end of Shattered Bridge : TeleportPlayer -58130.148438 214757.15625 -15633.825195
The Dregs entrance hall : TeleportPlayer -140456.9375 218416.5625 -18888.386719
The Dregs entrance hall : TeleportPlayer -140474.25 215832.59375 -18996.185547
Start of Dregs dungeon (recipe;untranslated voice) : TeleportPlayer -140248.671875 310414.5625 -20337.949219
The Aviary (Unnamed City) : TeleportPlayer -124542.484375 152484.59375 -10641.072266
Citadel of the Triumvirate (Unnamed City) : TeleportPlayer -139443.734375 138698.9375 -13420.552734
Citadel of the Triumvirate (Unnamed City) : TeleportPlayer -146361.3125 138739.21875 -13401.181641
The Slave Pits (Unnamed City) : TeleportPlayer -142077.75 113736.359375 -12651.944336
Inside the the Dawn Gate (Unnamed City) : TeleportPlayer -98198.515625 115161.148438 -6622.685059
City end of Southern Aqueduct (Unnamed City) : TeleportPlayer -84670.757813 95820.132813 -3184.594238
East of Klael’s Stronghold : TeleportPlayer -188578.3125 49721.425781 -9843.94043
Tower of Bats : TeleportPlayer -52048.855469 162418.09375 -2378.986816
Tower of Bats : TeleportPlayer -51836.65625 161128.875 -2298.94751
In river between the Sentinels (underwater) : TeleportPlayer 17019.169922 232120.46875 -20722.355469
Entrance to the Summoning Place : TeleportPlayer 15760.609375 162352.734375 -8169.863281
Entrance to the Arena : TeleportPlayer 59636.058594 131960.59375 -15199.436523
Ground floor of the Arena (at the Sinkhole) : TeleportPlayer 32768.039063 134435.5 -14499.283203
Upper floor of the Arena (at the Sinkhole) : TeleportPlayer 22992.902344 134398.953125 -11454.841797
Path leading east to the Dryfalls : TeleportPlayer 132863.296875 85294.359375 -14422.432617
Path leading east to Gate of the Moon : TeleportPlayer 259537.90625 147798.0 -18996.083984
Stairway leading to Sandswept Ruins : TeleportPlayer 185589.265625 209776.078125 -17131.791016
Northernmost part of Chaosmouth : TeleportPlayer -60829.300781 1121.685425 772.634888
Lake at the Breach (underwater) : TeleportPlayer -15171.587891 82.446754 -5377.115723
Top of tower on east coast of the Great Dam resevoir : TeleportPlayer 5643.586426 -72214.835938 5641.318848
Southwest of Circle of Swords : TeleportPlayer -189200.84375 -61215.476563 876.144104
Peak southwest of Temple of Frost : TeleportPlayer -135145.28125 -223927.609375 29322.4375


Northeast of Circle of Swords : TeleportPlayer -180807.515625 -73876.726563 1873.040039
Peak west of the Black Keep : TeleportPlayer -77113.625 -144035.0 26027.001953
Entrance to the Black Keep : TeleportPlayer -59294.375 -134443.84375 10322.128906
Plateau at Icespire Chasm : TeleportPlayer -19952.074219 -114525.648438 7005.268066
Western end of the Passage : TeleportPlayer 13523.086914 -91183.914063 7819.663086
Beside tower at eastern end of The Great Dam : TeleportPlayer 8054.42334 -55354.207031 -363.27829
Beside pool southeast of New Asgarth : TeleportPlayer -54623.851563 -26928.580078 -1752.883667
Sanctuary Ruins : TeleportPlayer 39361.574219 30495.330078 -141.431473



Bridge of the Betrayer (Center arch left pillar) : TeleportPlayer -62703.597656 -116645.234375 3261.411377


Runes of Xullan (Right path at obelisk, right of stairs) : TeleportPlayer -62703.597656 -116645.234375 3261.411377

Lemurian stones are driving me nuts and even with a few of yours I’m not done. Would be nice if it at least had a counter.

I’ll let you know if I happen on anymore. Thanks.

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There is also one at the top of the tower on the east, opposite side of the lake from Coldfish Camp

Spoiler https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Lore

Thank you, but that one’s already included:

Top of tower on east coast of the Great Dam resevoir : TeleportPlayer 5643.586426 -72214.835938 5641.318848

Thank you, but all those lorestones are already included

Found another Lemurian Lorestone northeast of the Nordhof camp infront of the cliff.

TeleportPlayer -65332.796875 -72197.0625 3512.138428

After walking all over for days I decided to cheat and downloaded the editor (150 gigs!) I did find an extra stone at:
Teleportplayer -35421 -121689 6624

However I also noticed after going over the setup of the objects in the editor that almost every single journal and note in the game is flagged as a LemurianObelisk item. I’m not great at the unreal editor but from what I could see in the blueprints it goes through all the lore items in the game (100+ of them), gets the items flagged with GiantKingObelisk and LemurianObelisk lore objects and puts those into 2 different arrays. There are all kinds of things flagged as giant king and lemurian lore objects, some of which I doubt are in the game as they are currently blank items.

My guess is it isn’t possible to finish these currently, we might have to wait for a bug fix, or for someone to make a mod to un-flag every extra journal/scrap of paper/random item. (Which is beyond what I have time to look into how to do currently.)

For those interested, I found the list in Content - Items - LoreObjects - LoreObjectsTable
I was able to find some of the lore stone placements in Content - Maps - ConanSandbox - Gameplay - Gameplay_Interactibles_HL_East and West

There are 13 sound clips for the witch queen lorestones, I don’t know if all of them are actually in the game.

For those not teleporting, the lorestone omgsplat found is also found on a plateau in the Icespire Chasm area. It’s partly buried next to a rock/ice outcrop to the northwest of the more prominent lorestone and north of a building.

That’s very interesting information, omgsplat, thank you. I’d like to hope that not everything is bugged and that these journey goals will trigger correctly. So far there’s 11 Lemurian lorestones listed in this thread, so the 13 sound clips you found would suggest just 2 more lorestones to go. The located lorestones have all been found in the north, between the volcano and the desert, with the westernmost stone so far found at the Circle of Swords and the eastern border being the death wall.

OK, it’s not just 2 more lemurian lorestones that are required, because I just found 2 and the journey goal still isn’t complete.

Cliff-face behind (to south of) Meltwater Crag: TeleportPlayer -50964.390625 -79847.992188 1881.479736
SE of Lian’s Watch: TeleportPlayer -25781.171875 -50803.101563 -3302.042969

Anyone else finds completely stupid the fact that a Lore stone is in a inaccesible peak that most people will never be able to find? And why? Why is the lorestone there… so nobody is able to read it? I mean in in-game logic… if you write something for others to read, it stands to common sense that you’d put it where people travels… not in the top of a mountain… or is it just me? :thinking:

If it wasn’t for this post, I wouldn’t even know there was a lorestone in the top of freaking mountain. Talk about game designer’s not wanting people to find your game’s lore…

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I hope they fix them at some point. it sucks that the final step is to “permanently delete your character”. yeah. i want something i can not see fulfilled, since it deletes my account.

I’m stuck on all three exploration journey steps + remove bracelet + heat of vulcano. lets hope the devs see this and start working on them.

(had issues with the “survive the cold” as well, for some reason i had to run around like half an hour and jump into the frozen lake to get it to trigger while others just run over the bridge and get it)

So I did find some spare time and threw together a bug fix mod. Now that Sillybrit has listed all 13 Lemurian stones those are all hooked up and you can complete that journey step. (With the mod installed)

Also put in notes regarding the Giant King stones, right now there are possibly 4 still to find, but I think 3 of those are likely cut, and 1 I wasn’t able to find in the most likely area where it should be around the Dragonmouth cave area. Regardless you should still be able to complete the Giant King Lore journal entry as well.

(At least I hope so, I was able to complete them both locally, untested for anyone else yet)

Mod name is un-imaginitive but descriptive:

I wasn’t able to find it with a search in steam, probably as it is brand new and it will probably show up after I have gone to bed. I have included a direct link as I was able to find it that way.

Seems I cant post a link here, creative work arounds might work:

steamcommunity dot com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1391893072&searchtext=

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I’ll re-post the link for you, @omgsplat :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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