Compiled journal/lorestone entries

I enjoy discovering the journals and lorestones, and the storylines that are presented, but I can’t really link them together into a consistent narrative. By the time I find a second, third, etc journal page, I can’t really remember any details about what I would have read, or where, previously.

Suggestion: Provide a journal dossier screen under the inventory sections, which will let me review the journal pages I’ve come across. Likewise some sort of recall for lorestones.

This also applies to the Journey for Lemurian Lorestones- this is pretty much impossible to complete. By the time I’ve exposed this as a journey step, I’ve come across some random lorestones WEEKS ago I have no hope of finding again. It’s a pointless grind unless I have some way of knowing where my character is at relative to completion, or some sort of guidance. It’s too complicated to bother with otherwise.


I agree we need a journal or something that has all the things we have found, and lets us replay them.

Especially helpful for the find all the … journey steps. As a journal might show ??? for ones we had not found yet. Gives completionist something to go looking for as well.

I was thinking the exact same thing since I only play single player.

As an addendum to this, I wouldn’t mind a little more consistency in what pages and journals we can keep and what we can’t. I tend to hoard all the pages and notes I pick up, and it’s aggravating my collector’s itch that I can collect, say, Razma’s journal pages, but not Techtosa’s.

Also how can you not let us keep and reread Raknys’s journals, come on.

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