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Would it be possible to create an item/table (bookshelf, pedestal/tome, lore keeper thrall) that contains all found or unlocked lore/journal entries and organizes them so as to help facilitate an easy to reference story? You could even leave greyed out entries of journals or story events yet to be accomplished or found. Further more this could be used by funcom or admins to share “daily quests”. Imagine checking in with your Seer thrall and each day they share a new series of quests to accomplish.


Usually I have in my room at our fortress a chest where I place all notes / diaries etc. found in game.

It could be good, carrying a blank note, to be able when activating a lore-stone to have automatic text written on the note.

The first bit about facilitating easier collection of the lore bits one has found is fine.

The second bit about daily quests sounds like MMO nonsense.


A book case to stash all that data could be great. The quest idea is interesting, but only if it’s indeed player-sourced. I am tired of daily quests and weekly rewards are pretty much getting to an annoying level as well these days. Not that some might enjoy them, but this is where players themselves need to come in the picture. :slightly_smiling_face:


If we can do quests in our own paces without crippling our progression, then it would be fine.

as long as note will be lootable on dead player, a bookshelf could be an awersome idea indeed, plus it would give another meaning to grinding mob for more lore, in order to classify them

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There should also be some sort of achievement if you find all the journal entries/letters/papers and emotes across the map. It would be cool if getting this achievement would allow you to craft a bookshelf to display all the papers you’ve found. Maybe something like the archivists scrolls in the unnamed city.


Okay okay, fair enough, no dailies. How about rewards tied to achievements you can display to the world tho. Capture every thrall/race and unlock the slavers banner you can hang on the side of your base. Captured all animals, zookeeper banner. Beat all the bosses with just a stone axe unlock a statue of Arnold from Kindergarden Cop (I dunno just spit balling)


Do you mean PS Trophies kind of achievements or in-game achievements or a combination?

I believe it would be great if all of the various notes and memos were added to a Player Journal or Lore Tablet so that we could compile them all in one place. Even better if it included ‘transcribed’ versions of all the Lemurian and Giant-king lorestones. It would be nice to be able to just read the games lore without having to go to every lorestone each time.

There is a system similar to this in many Survival Horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, where players add ALL memos and files to their own personal journal/notebook upon discovery.

Im not too sure about having it give quests though.


How about we could make a chisel and carve out findings to a stone tablet? Could be fun.

I was thinking more like the ps type achievements, as it would give a lot of players something to work towards end game. I think it would be a bit tougher to use admin mode to achieve, especially if it were tied to all journals/letters/emotes, you would have to physically visit each spot in order to get it. I know you can just admin teleport anywhere, but it would still take time.

However, it could be tied to the server you’re playing on- a sort of status symbol for others to see. Which ties into @Kleiner idea of banners/trophies for achieving certain feats in game.

Using admin panel and getting trophies that way is an issue of trophy design, I wager. So that’s why I believe any trophy design would benefit from actual exploration (i.e. locations in many altitudes), foes (i.e. strategy elements), live events (i.e. one-time participation) and accessories (real world items with in-game codes).

Anything else might get trivial due admin panel and we all want those achievements to bring us memories of the enjoyment we had (photos too), not accidents. :yum:

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