Suggestion: Usable journals, notes, scrolls

I love the journal, note+dagger placeables, but all of these things really should be usable/editable by players. I’m hoping that the intention behind the items were to always add a editable text field by release, but I didn’t want to assume, so I’m posting this here!


“We have fiber, we get notes from thralls and random journal entries lying in blood pools in set city…
Can we get the ability to write a note? Id love to leave a note on a clan members body, or post it onna neighbors door because they are unknowingly blocking a thrall spawn or something like this.”

“It’s in the list of things we hope to add by launch, yeah.”
(answer of the week 12)

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I agree, I’m itching to plant some eviction notices on some players doors before i wipe them clean on my server.

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