Notes. Suggestion on Improving their usefullness

I am posting this here seeing that Testlive will after allot of hard work and testing be coming to live! Jippeeeee!!!

So the notes we can write, very nice idea. But when I tried it the fact that you can only place it on unclaimed land was a bit disappointing. I see the notes as a way to communicate to unknown players and clans, be it as a warning or maybe a threat. Or just a light hearted joke or some useful information. The main problem is no one will see a little piece of paper on the ground 50 meters from their claimed land.
So I suggest that the notes work like bedrolls to prevent spamming and grieving. A player can only have one note placed any given time. If they place another the previous one is destroyed. The notes can be placed everywhere and can be destroyed, picked up and be re used by any and everyone. After 24 hours it decays.
I am looking forward to using the note with a dagger (not currently working, but will soon probably) on some ones door with the note " Death approaches…" or just challenge someone to a duel at a certain place and time without letting the whole server see in global chat.

Thanks for reading, please drop a comment and let me know what you guys think.

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