Removing land claim restrictions from Notes and Papyrus Scrolls

Dear Funcom,

This is what i would hope is a very small tweak but would be very well received by the Role-play community.

Allowing the different note types; plain, dagger, arrow, journals and papyrus scrolls - all those that we can write on now - to be placeable within another players land claim. They may need their durability reduced to make their removal easy for the recipient and presumably therefore reduce any potential abuse.

A little background and context for the RP.

Until recently we were dependent upon mods to be able to leave written notes at other player / character homes unfortunately since a few updates ago, the mod most often used has no longer been compatible.

These notes were used for everything imaginable from;

  • Leaving clues or a trail in the sands. We use them to describe evidence of something having happened, for example;

“Upon returning home, you find several of your thralls wounded and much of the steel from you Smithy is missing. There is a blood trail leading south where you discover some very large footprints and some torn blue clothing that reeks of sulphur and brimstone”.

This is usually a rule for the PvP raiding / theft part of many of our role-playing communities to ensure that theft and conflict lead to more RP and story not just the loss of items.

The notes have been used for so many more things that make our RP experience and the characters we immerse ourselves in so much fuller.

  • Just saying Hi to a neighbor you visited whilst they were out (it may seem like nothing but building character relations that come through interaction, it is surprisingly important just to know someone visited when you may not see someone in-game as often as you’d like due to play times and international time zones).

  • Placing an order with a Blacksmith, Armoursmith, Animal Tamer, Decorator, Builder, Assasin that lives in another part of the lands and they are out or asleep when you visit.

  • Putting up posters to promote an event.
    (I once spent 8 hrs travelling the lands finding every home, village and city just so I could put up posters ahead of a market - the effort generated so much more RP and story than I could have imagined).

  • A love letter to a forbidden love from a rival kingdom.

The list could go on indefinitely, it was a small tool that enabled so much and was really only limited by our own imaginations.

Now i know many will say, just use discord or some other kind of DM - and yes, that’s all well and good, and yes we do when things no longer work like they now.

But it is so much less immersive. And there is no opportunity for other player/characters to come across the note and perhaps that could change their or my story’s in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

Roleplay is about the unknown, the surprise, the unexpected. The more done out of character through real world channels the less surprise and fun there is.

Anyway, before this becomes an essay…

I do hope this is something small that could be considered and implemented with relative ease.

And regardless, thanks so much for a game that led me to some amazing communities and has given me thousands upon thousands of unexpected hours of; fun, pleasure and every other emotion under the sun. Its been fantastic and I look forward to the next thousand still.




I play on ps4 and that would be great. I run across bases of people who are on my server. Leaving a note would help stay in contact and make friends.


I was extremely excited when I heard that notes and journals were going to be an official thing in vanilla Conan, it always excites me when a feature like that is added because it means one less mod to patch when a big update hits! cough cough :upside_down_face:

That being said, I felt slightly trolled when I could only leave notes to myself. Mind you, I’m not opposed to leaving myself love notes, and affirmations. I think it’s very important for one’s mental well-being to love thyself.

However, being unable to leave notes on my neighbor’s horse when it’s hitched on MY post at the stables, or leave ominous death threats for that special someone is also very important for roleplaying. I can’t do that with the current notes.

Instead, for whatever reason, I write to myself and stab the note into my OWN wall with a dagger, damaging my fine craftsmanship. Why can’t I leave a simple piece of parchment on my neighbor’s door complaining about how they haven’t trimmed their hedges and it’s blocking my view of The Mounds of the Dead? Or you know, that I’m going to take their first born child, since they didn’t smear blood above their door. Those kinds of things.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, Funcom can we please have the land claim rights taken off of notes so we can place them anywhere? PLEAAASE?

I’ll leave you a very kind note, if you do it.


Not having to use outdated/no longer supported mods to accomplish this, or well-meaning mods that just end up looking clunky and dissonant with the rest of Conan’s polished appearance, would be awesome.


The Inability to leave notes on other people’s buildings has certainly hindered RP.


Just want to voice my support on this. It’s a simple thing, but very high-impact.


I agree with Breeaaad!

While the modern invention of “stickies” as notes to self has been amazing, the ability to be able to leave a note anywhere, for any reason on any item should be paramount to roleplay and gameplay.

Also, the ability for anyone to be able to type in a journal (or to lock it to prevent it) would be fantastic too. Would give the ability for a “Guest Book” at inns, records books to be kept across alliances or friends. Lots of possibilities.

Please take the restrictions off the notes and journals!


I would love to be able to leave a note telling new players to stop sleeping near windows. Oh, and to enjoy their new pink armor. :joy:


I would also add that the notes have small amounts of hp, or be removable by anyone other than the author, which would stop people from just spamming notes everywhere to be a pest!


As suggested, it would be great to have these working in the vanilla game without claiming land(and with low hp), since the mod many rp communities relied on no longer works with recent changes to the game. They really help inspire and facilitate rp, and without them things have certainty been hindered.

Aurora would have never gotten her feline friend back if she hadn’t been able to put some posters up!


I actually would like to add to that suggestion, of journals/notes/etc being readable by people outside your tribe (if they’re not already!) - it would really give more depth to libraries and other sources of information around the world.



Yes, taking the land claim off of notes should def be done! and just reduce their hitpoints.


I fully agree with CaptRubble, this would be an amazing and little tweek to the game for the role-play community. Notes can bring so much in form of immersion that they’re often underrated.

Just wanted to show my support to this great suggestions.


I agree on this totally plus the opportunity to destroy them if they are not ours.


Well said Capt and Bread, really don’t have much to add after that except for that I support this with all my might.


I just want to keep this conversation going, this is such an important feature for RP.

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There are endless possibilities if this takes effect. For all the communities. The whole point is to leave them for each other yes? Well we cant do that at this point. Pleas take this into consideration its important. Good points are made here so not much to add but i support this very much!


Not to pee on anyone’s parade, but there is a lot of trolling potential if you can put notes on other people’s property. Sure, the owner of said land should of course be able to destroy any notes placed there, but even so…

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There are ways to prevent this, make it a feature that can be turned on by server admins for one, have a cooldown timer that prevents spamming. There are things that can be done aside from just a hard “nope that could cause griefiing” because ultimately, multiplayer in general can cause griefing.

I get the idea of actively trying to insure that griefing doesn’t happen, but there are more ways to handle it than just blocking out features that would make the game more enjoyable.


I agree. I just think it’s important to talk about the griefing potential, because you’re absolutely right that multiplayer games in general can (and do) cause it. So it’s always a question of the value of a feature vs how much griefing potential it brings with it (in addition to all the other things any feature has to fulfill in order to be “worth it”).

For example, the building mechanics carry with them enormous griefing potential - but they’re also a core concept of the game, so on balance, well, they have to be there.

The moment you start having to have a proposed feature “off by default on officials” the value of that feature drops dramatically IMO - it doesn’t mean it should be denied outright, but it’s a severe mark against it.