2 suggestions for console

  1. Let us name our thralls

  2. Notes need the option to jump to next line. A page break like in html. Can’t hit the start (enter) to go to the next line. Thinks I’m trying to finish the note. Would make it easier to list items on a note. Plus it wouldn’t look like one giant page of words. I know education was limited in the days of conan but give us a break. Lol

we cant get the notes to save the text, I.e

Clan member 1 writes note
Clan member 1 closes and re-reads note and sees it fine
Clan member 2 reads note - note is empty
Clan member 1 reads note note is empty…

not sure if something is being done wrong not that there is much of a choice to make it wrong lol.

I left a note for my lady and she can read it just fine so not sure why you are having issues. I just wanna be able to skip to the next line.

i understand and agree that it should be an option, was just saying we cant seem to get it to save / display properly lol…

Hmm that’s so odd. The thing I don’t understand is with most games everyone has the same issue…with this game people are having a mix of issues that others aren’t. Makes no sense.

Patch notes mention that notes will erase themselves once picked up and read as I recall.

Ive read mine and edited them numerous times as ive made one listing the unnamed city scrolls i have for trade and ones I need…so as i keep getting more i keep updating the list. If picked up it will erase.

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