UN implemented feature still waiting for - Notes

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we where Just wondering when notes are going to be fixed and implemented into the Conan exiles game or if there just going to stay a broken feature if so they should just get removed because they are worth less to have in game if there no point to them or use to them there not really good decoration specially when they say right on item description that there use to relay information to people who are offline or that you can not chat to.

they be prefect for servers that have global chat turned off, so we can relay messages to people who may not be online with us or that may not be near us to talk.

this is a hot topic on steam there about 8 threads asking about this.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.make note
2.get told you can write things on it in discrption
3.cant write anything
4.wasted every ones time and resources.

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