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Afternoon all,

Just wanted to see if there is anything in the works for papyrus scrolls and journals?
Current when writing them you cannot paragraph which is a shame as we run a role playing server and we wanted to create ledgers, journals, military orders, assassin orders etc, so instead it runs on one line.

The other issue we have noticed is that when you have written a scroll or journal it doesn’t show the username of the person, rather jumbled up random letters and numbers. Even if we could just amend this that would be awesome.

A suggestion to scrolls and journeys, to be able to name the scrolls or book, so you know which each one is and contains when looking at them.

I know that the above all seems trivial, but the above would be incredibly beneficial to role players and story telling. Though it’s not on the priority list, a recent update allowed us to control our followers better (awesome by the way), but couldn’t the above also been added?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Writing a book or journal
  2. Complete text input
  3. Written by changes to random gobble de gook

Kind regards,


Adding to this, it keeps saying after writing a whole paragraph from Plato, that I keep using “F…a…g”, no where in Plato does he even state it. After hunting through the paragraph I cannot find the word. Please remove some of these silly filters…

Hello @AtrumVeho, welcome to the community!

There are no current plans to address either, as such we’d suggest creating a post on the Suggestions section with the changes or features you’d like to see added to this system that would allow us to gauge community interest.

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