Let us write on papyrus

Those scrolls we can craft, it would be very cool if we could write on it, being useful for many things, like making notes, lists, names, even leaving messages for other players in the wall next to the door of their bases/houses.

In Sepemeru could have a place with plaques or a mural where players could put notes about things they want or have, like a Market Place, players trading with players. This would add more to the city life aspect.


I agree, this must be done

Suggestion: Usable journals, notes, scrolls - Unite our threads!


“We have fiber, we get notes from thralls and random journal entries lying in blood pools in set city…
Can we get the ability to write a note? Id love to leave a note on a clan members body, or post it onna neighbors door because they are unknowingly blocking a thrall spawn or something like this.”

“It’s in the list of things we hope to add by launch, yeah.”

(answer of the week 12)

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nice thx man! cooool

I hope it will be present at launch.

Nice, never saw that! Hope we can see that in may 8th too.

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You leave home to stock on brimstone, you come back at night to a house covered in graffiti. “Conan was here”

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Still planned, I hope…devs ?