Journal once layed down

I wrote a short story with the journal on the ground. Finished it, hit confirmed, read it again. hit back. the next time I looked at it to continue on, everything was gone. Am I missing a step? This was one of the great things I was so looking forward to, writing in game.



@Shadoza A new feature where we can actually write custom notes on the notes we make in the game …
there is a caveat that the when the note is picked up the writing will be erased when you go to put it down again …
but I also thought we’d be able to read them without having to pick them up so the writing would be preserved for the next reader…

It was listed in the 21.12.18 testlive patch notes in the “roleplayer” section near the top of the testlive notes … just under the “you will be able to edit your crimes listed in the character creation screen”

Ohhhhh I thought only the horizontal single paper notes were being able to write, good thing that journals can too, and I hope the wall notes with both versions (knife and arrow) can be too, I have some of these on my house, would love to write on them.

Question: I dont know if you tested, but are they land claim free? Can we put notes on ppls bases? Next to their doors would make sense to be able.

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