Lore Journal (like Tome of Knowledge from Warhammer Online)

One of the things I love about Conan Exiles is the lore and exploration. There are so many secrets to find, but they are always in fragments - and difficult to make sense of until you discover everything as a whole. Some notes are also more fun to read in order, but there is no option for you to re-read the letters you found. Eventually you forget about them and can no longer follow the story fragments.

If you have played Warhammer Online before, you might be familiar with something called the Tome of Knowledge. It was basically a more advanced/polished version of “Journey” in Conan Exiles.

As someone who enjoys the exploration aspect of a game, the Tome of Knowledge was a brilliant idea. It was a character growth journal, bestiary, lorebook, objective tracker, achievement tracker and more. As you explored the map and progressed with your character, you unlocked new entries in the tome of knowledge - which in turn unlocked new objectives for the player to discover.

There are many ideas in the ToK that could probably be implemented in Conan Exiles:

  1. Bestiary - Whenever you encounter a new species of monster (werewolf, spiders, etc) or raiding camp, it will unlock a new section in your Bestiary with brief descriptions/lore about them.

  2. Achievements / Objectives Tracker - basically the same as Journey, where the objectives are optional, but provide rewards/xp when completed.

  3. POIs - Found an interesting dungeon/shrine/ruins/camp? There’s probably some lore related to the location - the devs could write about the religion, clans, races, etc related to the POI. Or list objectives in the area (e.g. after unlocking The Summoning Place POI, the player could unlock an objective to learn the Spank emote nearby)

  4. Letters/Notes/Books/Pillars - A compilation of all letters found by the player in their exploration journey. This could include treasure map notes, survivor notes (sorted by number) or even voice recordings from pillars.

  5. Crafting List - Searchable glossary of all recipes and/or emotes that a player can find in the world of Conan Exiles.

These are just some potential ideas that could be implemented. I hope the devs will take these suggestions into consideration :slight_smile: Thank you!


This is a most excellent idea, various aspects of which have been discussed in various forums and threads for as long as I’ve been playing and seeking answers for the lack of such a system.

I’ve only been able to speculate from tidbits gathered here and there that it may be something to do with a notion of rules to be expected from and applied to certain genres such as “Survival” and “Sandbox”. Or, it may simply be a low priority.

However, how the interface has expanded and improved over the course of EA to its current state, gives me great hope that, especially with such well thought out and formed posts such as yours, we may eventually get some or all of such features as you’ve listed.

Now this is an idea i like. It would be nice to have a tool to keep track of ones journey.
Food for thought, devs.