The Book of 'Razma of Shem'


  1. The player finds all the notes (1-8)
  2. Crafts a journal (leather and papyrus scroll)
  3. Combine the journal with the notes, making ‘The Book of Razma’.

The reason is that this might give players an incentive to visit all the places where the notes are.

Addition: Maybe make her a companion without the need for the Wheel of Pain.


I love the idea of crafting books from all the notes!

The companion thing, not so much. If she’s anyone’s companion, it’s Conan.


i think the ability to bind the various sets of notes we find into re-readable journals is a great idea.


Love this idea.

Book idea, thumbs up. Follower… not so much. She’s been thru alot. I think shes ready chill in that house and then (maybe at later date) she and conan will down some drinks and talk tells of high adventure.

I doubt she would follow us. We leave her, and she still having some vision issues of what she shared. XD

And as a semi innocuous, non OP incentive for doing so, have it grant extra permanent feat points.

Or maybe a recipe to craft mask of the witch queen.

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Love the lore journal idea! And, yes, it should also give some bonus of sorts to the player. THAT would give incentive to put it together. :slight_smile:

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