Journal as container of letters, notes, etc

I was thinking it would be nice to have a journal with all the notes from Razma into one book. It could be an unmarked minor explorer-quest; find all notes, and drop them into a journal-container.

Quest-name: “The Book of Razma”



and add more of it for us to discover

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It would be good if there was a conversation option for Razma to assemble all of the pieces into a single Journal when we take all of the entries to her. A bit like Thorgar the Blacksmiths Recipe for his ghost, or the Scourgestone for Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac.

To go a step further, it would be great to see ALL in-game lore documents added to either a menu, or placeable such as a Desk or Bookcase after we find and read them. We could then just go back and browse them at our own leisure. Survival Horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill have a great system which does this. Basically, whenever your character reads a note or journal, a complete copy is then added to the characters own Journal, which can then be viewed at any time. Better than either re-findinding a note every time we feel like reading it, or building a Large Chest just to house around 30 documents.


I still didn’t read them all as I usually carry them around my person and misplace somewhere

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You see that is why we need a system to organise them Drachenfeles so that you dont lose them. :wink:


Plus there’s a bug where any notes disappear from your inventory if you die.


they’ve fixed it

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That’s good to know!

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