Add folder for notes found along the way

Please add a folder for all the notes we find along the way and have the ability to flip thru them ‘searching for clues’. This could be an extension of the ‘Leather Journal’ we find at the start.

in addition, it’d be great if we could also write notes in our journal as well as make pictures of the map, insert them into our journal, and draw on the map to track various things.



This suggestion makes its rounds every now and then, but sadly it just never seems to catch fire. Which I feel is a tremendous shame, as there is so much interesting lore scattered throughout this amazing game. Unfortunately in order to assemble it in the place, we pretty much need to build a Large Chest just to house some ~ 30 sheets of paper.

Now regarding your Journal or Folder suggestion, I think it is a great idea and have spoken in favour of it myself previously. Although few people on the forum seem to play them, survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill use such a system, and to great effect. Essentially, the characters have an in-game Journal or ‘scrapbook’ at the beginning of the game. When ever they find a document, diary, memorandum, etc, a duplicate of its contents is added to the players Journal. This then allows players to reread them at their leisure. Here is a short video showcasing it. Someday… :yum: :crossed_fingers:

It was tricky finding a suitable example, but try this one. ^^ See how there is a textual overlay in the menu. One would hypothetically speaking press on the ‘Files’ or in this case ‘Journal’ option, which would then show an overlay of the files collected. We then click on the desired document (eg-Black Hand shanty) then it is shown on the screen. Then pres Esc to return to the main game. Its so nice being able to re-read and enjoy them at our leisure.

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Come to think of it, it is a little weird that a single slip of paper takes up the same amount of space as an iron breastplate, or 1000 rocks, or a drawbridge, or a comatose elephant, or 20 flowers.

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I’d love to have another tab in the Inventory screen that has all the journal entries. It would also be nice to have a button to re-play the voice-overs for all those times when folks on Discord just can’t stay quiet for a few seconds while someone is experiencing content for the first time. :wink:

that would be great

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