Create an In-game Journal Craftable at level 16

Part of the joy of this game is self-discovery, figuring things out through observation and trial and error.

And there is A LOT to figure out in this game. Things such as the material usage efficiencies of repairing items with a repair kit versus workbench thrall or letting it break completely before repairing or making a new item. Also the things like most useful recipes, etc.

With so many things to figure out it can be hard to remember everything you’ve figured out particularly if you’ve had to put the game down for a period of time.

I am not suggesting anything too rigid as I like the freeform and optionalilty of this game. What I am suggesting is a CRAFTABLE in-game journal to jot down observations and notes, craftable at level 16, around time it probably starts to really be needed.

The journal could be like a ledger style with customizable tabs/headings maybe with some pregenerated suggestions with tabs going horizontally. The data for such a journal could be stored on local storage. Such a journal would helpful in single player and especially helpful to console players on PS4 and X-box as it would likely be the most convenient thing to jot down in-game observations and notes.

An in-game journal would also help overcome the inertia of picking up the game again after a period of absence, you wouldn’t have to remember what it is you were doing when you put it down, the tricks and secrets etc. you could just look to what you wrote in your journal.

Being able to record helpful observations in an in-game journal would likely increase the life of play for this game and for this and the other preceding reasons I suggest the addition of a craftable (at lv 16) in-game journal.

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It would be helpful at the start, but I think it would be better at level 16 as a sort of '‘reward for progress’" instead of just allowing introductory players to have it.

The very brutal and grueling beginning of this game is fun and somewhat unique. The joy of this game is increased as you advance in your survival journey because some things get easier. I think a journal at a higher level would be consistent with this feeling.

I’d say there certainty is the risk that causal players may breeze by it as just another item among many craftable at this level.

But once those players realize they need something like this…they’ll look back and realize they have it.

I write this post as a console player (primarily single player offline) who has to sporadically put the game down for periods of time. A craftabe journal for jotting down notes would make it easier to get back into. And if I can easily get back into it, I can continually buy DLC’s.

I’d add, as Shadoza pointed out, the idea is lore consistent too as pages of journals are found in the exiled land so somebody either has a trove of paper or knows how to make paper/papyrus.

Which ties in to my suggestion of having Papyrus (unlocks at level 12?) as a prerequisite for a journal. Maybe have papyrus, leather, and twine as the ingredients required to craft it.

I’ve deliberately avoided many youtube videos that go into too many details about how to craft certain items or the best way to clear certain dungeons because I want to figure out as much as I can without outside help. I like the idea of a custom journal quite a bit.

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There is a placeable journal, no portable. Text contained in the placeable is removed when you pick it up. Cool if it saved the text, then you could take it with you, add and retain new text also.

I am the same way. I didn’t want to look at any youtube videos. Didn’t want to read any guides or even look at this forum for fear of getting too many hints. Just wanted to figure it out on my own.

Granted, it probably took a lot longer to progress this way, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

My characters is a little over 30 from sporadic playing over a year and a half or so. I only joined the forums about a week or so ago to make two small suggestions: one for unlimited custom map markers and the other for this journal.

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