Lore notes and Journals

Do any of these respawn in single player? I’m collecting them however while redesigning my base I used the “return to inventory” option for everything and it throws it all back in my inventory, assigned thralls, crafting station, and everything inside and it’s been working fine. When I did it for my chest that contained all my lore notes they just disappeared :confused:

I cannot test that right now, because I’m at work, but I’m pretty sure that every time you quit single player and go back in, it should count as a server reboot, which should respawn lore notes, fragment chests and stuff like that. But, as I said, I can’t confirm that right now.

Hmm, hope you’re right. In a previous save I know the starting journal and note did not respawn after I had dropped them.

Edit: Checked two of Razma’s spots and none have refreshed :expressionless: oof

On a PC you can open the console and type makemenormal to lose the admin rights without relogging.

This sounds similar to a bug reported for Unnamed City scrolls.

Some folk found them again shuffling inventory items around (putrid meat That appeared to overwrite the scroll slot IIRC), but for others, the vanishing is more permanent.

I appreciate the replies. I have a strict rule for not using admin in my saves, just a personal thing. At the end of the day they’re just there to collect and nothing more but it was just something else to do for single player you know.

In the event they ever poof back in my inventory I’ll be sure to report in :+1:

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