Exploring: The Shadow of Vanaheim

This time Samsonyte decided to go to the north of the Old World, exploring The Shadow of Vanaheim.

First, he took a look around the Blue Mountains, where a smuggler’s path through the invisible barrier was easy to find:

The path is relatively easy to master, only for the second slope a step made of a campfire should be used:

Narrow paths lead further up into the mountains:

The view from up here to the Yetis’ camp

and to the bridge that crosses the deadly gorge:

There is also a frozen waterfall up here:

When coming closer, the ice seems to glow from within like a crystal:

You can also climb up further:

The Vaniers’ camp as it is seen from above. The guys do not notice that they are being watched:

Back to the Yetis and their caves:

One of these caves almost became my fate. Once inside, the exit was so high that it could hardly be reached:

Luckily, my horse was able to free me with a skillful jump:

This gate leads nowhere, it is only supposed to block the way out:

Incidentally, there are also dimension tunnels in the Blue Mountains, making it easier to reach different points of the map. - But this time, when Samsonyte wanted to leave the tunnel, his horse galloped away, leaving him wriggling between the dimensions:

My report ends here, Samsonyte now has to catch his runaway horse. :wink:

Then it will go on further to the North. That will be my next story …



As announced in my last report, this time I have made Vanaheim my destination.

After passing the smugglers’ path, my first objective was this waterfall:

Soon I was standing on the mountain above the waterfall and could look down on Heimdall’s fort:

This glacier feeds the waterfall and the adjoining lake:

From the glacier tongue you have an excellent view of the fortress:

But you can definitely get closer to the fort, and the mountain in the background would also have to be conquered:

Before I go there, however, I want to pay a visit to the mammoth enclosure:

Now take a good start and activate the speedbuff:

The jump was successful and Samsonyte landed on the roof:

The boss in the hall down there doesn’t notice my presence:

I continue towards the fortress. First of all, a safe descent must be found:

After descending, Samsonyte got to the back of the fort. On this side the Vanir feel so safe from intruders that none of the watchtowers are occupied:

My way continues to the adjacent mountain. From here you can watch the hustle and bustle in the fort:

Wouldn’t it be even better to see the whole thing from the platform of the light post? - Okay, let’s try:

Done! - A really gigantic jump. Fortunately, I took a resurrection potion beforehand …

Samsonyte continues to enter the fortress, still undiscovered, over the roofs:

I don’t want to mess with the Vanir, so my path leads away from the fortress and further into the mountains:

High in the mountain, there’s another waterfall:

… and a perfect view all over the playing field:

At the end of my expedition I take a shortened way back and decide to jump down the waterfall:

I dive into the lake, face to face with the pike:

This lake seems to be bewitched: You can’t drown !!! :astonished:

Unfortunately, this also applies to the enemies who are encamped on the bank. When they discover me, they even chase me underwater. And while I’m busy with swimming movements, they are able to fight underwater:

The only thing left for me is to flee and so my expedition ends here.

By the way, you can find the smugglers’ path here:

Samsonyte :slightly_smiling_face: