Exploring: Samsonyte meets the King of Winter

This time my expedition leads to Atzel’s Approach. It starts at Vistrix’s Lair, near the Rezz-Pad:

You can only get up here if you build a step with a campfire:

The old trick worked - the first obstacle has been overcome:

Then it goes on to the high mountains without any problems:

… until an acheronian barrier blocks the way. The designers did a great job: Even up here, where normally no player can get there, invisible barriers are present.

BUT: A place to overcome the barrier is quickly found:

The expedition continues …

… up to the highest peak of the instance:

From up there you can see almost the entire Atzel area:

Unfortunately it has gotten dark in the meantime, so a night camp is set up:

the next day: the Atzel area in the morning haze:

When exploring further, Samsonyte encounters miles deep abysses:

It’s World Boss Week and after a short wait the King of Winter appears:

The first players arrive:

The fight has flared up:

Numerous tombstones prove that the World Boss was a tough opponent:

By the way, Samsonyte later met the King of Winter again in private. - Actually a very peaceful guy, if you don’t irritate him …

That was Samsonyte’s route to the highest peak:



Yet another exploring opportunity in the Atzel region:

Take this path above the Halls of Eternal Frost:

Then carefully descent downwards until you reach the beacon:

From there jump to the adjecent roof:

… succeeded:

Then, jumping from roof to roof, you can reach most buildings of Atzel’s fortress:

You can also get to a frozen lake behind the Atzel fortress, which is otherwise not accessible:

Unfortunately it’s not possible go any further because there are invisible barriers again.