Exploring the Eiglophanian Mountains

Some time ago fragments of an explorer expedition into the Eiglophian Mountains were found in the Great Library of Tarantia. Someone named TUBAKA, an explorer of the ancients, had documented his expeditions to the Eiglophians in detail and handed his maps over to the Great Library, where they were deemed lost until I recovered them.

Written in a strange language called german :wink:, here they are:

At that time still a junior explorer, I saddled my horse, packed enough campfires and resurrection potions and went to the Eiglophians!

The first thing I was able to do was take a look behind the gate to the Field of the Dead:

The invaders will never get through these three-row palisades!

Unfortunately, the south route traveled by Tubaka was at the other end of the playfield. - But that’s what dimension tunnels are for.

First stop - Mitrelle’s cave is located exactly below this mountain:

Next stop - the ski jump into the beyond

… is tried out soon:

… even with a soft landing on a real runway.

Maybe a runway of the gods? - It doesn’t matter, afterwards straight on to the south-east peak, via a jagged path:

Once at the top, a great view, but also endless abysses:

Then descend to the slope of paintings. - Eight-legged centaur or just doodles by the designers?

Nearby then the mountain birds:

A great sight when you can look down at the circling birds of prey from above.

Afterwards I leave the south route and go to Tubaka’s north route.

Anyone who quests in the Eiglophian Mountains surely knows the mobs here:

Then the highest peak of the Eiglophians comes into view:

The climb was easier than expected, unfortunately it’s a bit too hazy to see much.

Then I follow the north route to the west, past the ice blocks to the mammoths:

Then, on the way to the House of Crom, darkness falls:

Only when it is light again I’m venturing further. You should not enter the deep snow trap in the dark.

These are those treacherous slabs of snow that Tubaka warned about:

When my horse sinks even deeper, I prefer to retreat:

I risk a look at the House of Crom:

and I also find the slide down there:

I didn’t want to go all the way down, but rather continue traveling through one of the dimension tunnels.

But then it happened: The end of the dimension tunnel set me down on an absolutely steep slope. - Every movement now means to fall to death …

That’s exactly what happened. - But one thing was different this time: My faithful four-legged friend survived the crash and carried me to the rez-pad. :wink:

My expedition to the Eiglophian Mountains ends here. - Thanks to TUBAKA for the maps he owns the copyright for. :slightly_smiling_face:



Well done! I will questing here soon :smiley:


Awesome as usual.