Exploring: Outside Kheshatta

Once again Samsonyte has searched his sriptorium for records of his expeditions. This time it’s the region Outside Kheshatta.

This sanctuary, well known to explorers for many years now, can be found outside the invisible barrier:

Less known is this mysterious object that Samsonyte found during his expedition:

Up close you can see that it’s a gate leading into the rock, in front of it the skeleton of an indefinable living being that has met its fate here:

After that, Samsonyte went on to other unexplored regions of Kheshatta:

The eerie vortex above Toth-Amon’s stronghold, seen from a great distance:

If you wait long enough you will see an infernal spectacle of lightning flashing from the vortex. - Most likely the mage is doing some kind of corrupted magic right now:

The stronghold in daylight, seen from Kheshatta’s highest peak:

There is much more to explore:

How to travel through the desert in style:

It’s on to the Eastern Ruins:

Although it’s World Boss Week again, the World Boss is still a long time coming:

Finally the time has come, Samsonyte and the World Boss on the same level:

A little Easter egg: At the entrance to the Onyx Chambers, where one of the panoramas is located, with a little effort you can look through this window:

The interior of the room can only be seen, but not entered:

And if you don’t know the smugglers’ path through the invisible barrier, it is located behind the Oasis of Rahotep:

Just google videos or search for this place:

stay healthy / bleibt gesund :slightly_smiling_face: