Exploring Khemi

It’s been a few years since Samsonyte explored in Khemi.
When he was back there recently, he noticed this young NPC girl, up there on the roof terrace:

Had she really waved to him? - Anyway, now he wanted to find a way up to her.

The way was found quickly. It starts here, at the stairs behind the local horse trader:

At the end of the stairs it needs some jumping with the horse…

… to finally reach the roof terrace:

As a priestess of Set, she knew how to access the upper part of the palace: I should just pass the guard and follow the stairs up to the end:

The next jump here is a bit tricky. You have to land right on top of the wall:

Done! Once up here, it’s rather easy to continue:



On the surrounding ledge you can move on and on:

This temple entrance can also be found up here:

Unfortunately, while jumping and climbing, Samsonyte fell into this room without an exit:

Once again the sacrificial blade did a valuable service to reach the nearest rezz pad.

The next attempt led Samsonyte high above the soukh:

… and from roof to roof with more phantastic views:

Finally, this hint: the old explorer trick of building a step with a campfire doesn’t work in the major cities.

As soon as a campfire is lit, a city watch appears and extinguishes it with on-board resources:

Samsonyte :grin:


I always loved going up there. Hanging out above the Traders, looking down at the people running around.

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