Stuck in Black Sun, Red Sand

I’m on Tier 5, enter the lost city, but the door has a barrier. I assume there is some other pre-req I have missed but I seem to have run out of accessible quests so I’m not sure where to go now.

I’ve run other characters through the whole story but that was some time ago so I assume something has changed.

Hints, tips, spoilers, outright instructions - any or all would be welcomed.

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I think that there’s a part of the door which is interactable - something on the frame if memory serves me right? Basically the door is sealed because something is missing, and you have to go find out what was taken.

I think that you are talking about the door into the City of the Sun God? Where you have to hunt for the missing artifacts? If I recall my Tiers correctly (been a while :slight_smile: ) I think maybe the bit alergy is at is where you go into the tunnels under Al-Meriyah

I might have to replay a bit…

That sounds about right. First time I tried to get in I was able to add a tablet to the doorframe but I don’t remember where I got it and it has now disappeared.
I’ll google around for artefacts and see if I can find something.

Thanks guys.

Yes, you have to complete the story for Scorched Desert and then it will tell you to enter City of the Sun God and then you can enter the door even if the barrier is still up. I clicked on it with the barrier and the popup showed ‘Enter City of the Sun God’?

OK, following your hints didn’t take me exactly to the solution but caused me to realise I had missed a chunk of the storyline by getting to the Oxford Dig too soon. I managed to trigger the start of the Oxford sequence (protect the golem) and this jumped me to tier 11 - collect three statues and kill khenti. I still can’t get into the Lost City but the quest has clicked over into tier 12 (speak to Nassir) which I believe will set me on the Last Train to Cairo sequence. Hopefully along the line I will pick up whatever I need to open the gate.

Thanks again.

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Issue 6 is now a mandatory part of the story and you will get what you need on the train itself.


Well, for completeness sake I’ll say that after completing Last Train I was able to put a tablet on the Lost City gate after which the barrier dropped and I could pass through. I think there is a bug whereby if you get to the Oxford dig without aiding the Oxford golem you can still pick up the quests necessary for the storyline tiers 7-10 and the storyline instruction reflects this so you have a note “Enter the Lost City” or some such when you cannot do so. Going back and clearing Tier 6 opens the way to Last Train and thus to the Lost City. Guides for this part of the story are a mess and I have a feeling it has changed since the last time I played through it. Certainly Last Train seemed somewhat easier.

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Guides for this part of the story are mostly from TSW, not SWL. There were changes made to the way the story progresses and the order of the missions, and that’s not reflected in guides. The whole bit about having to unlock the door to CotSG is new, as is finding the relics on the train - they used to be in CotSG, and the Last Train to Cairo wasn’t linked to the main story progression at all, it was something tacked on later, and had a higher difficulty than the rest of the Scorched Desert.

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