Sandstorm City in Desert

I think it would be a cool feature/area if during a Sandstorm it revealed a Hidden City somewhere in the desert. Maybe make it a Dungeon.


This would be cool indeed. But wont make any sense for the backstory to the sandstorm, what it is and why its path is the way it is, etc (don’t want to spoil it, not sure if you have found all the in-game lore yet or not)

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I mean they wouldn’t need to change any of the lore or path. Just add it in somewhere it would fit.

Hope they find a way, because at the moment it doesnt really make much sense as why the sandstorm makes this city/dungeon visible. Have you gone through all the lore? Can I go into spoiler territory?

I’ve learned most but I am sure there is stuff I don’t know or remember lol. Go ahead and refresh my memory.


I’ll go for the quick short version.
The Serpents manipulated the Giants and Lemurians/humans into war. The bracelets created for communication between the species were made to enslave humans.
The humans could breed, and becoming more powerful than the giants.
The giants made a weapon, a stone (heart of the desert) to trap the “Sand Demon” (paraphrasing the name) and use it to unleash it on the humans.
Upon breaking the stone and doing so, the sand-demon is let loose.
Cant go farther than the jungle were the Witches magic protects their people.
The stones are lost and the demon is stuck in a loop, looking for the stones to free itself, a loop that has it repeating history over and over, from the Unnamed City (a little more to the west in fact) and all the way to the Sand Temple where the champion of the Witch defeated it and stopped it, over and over again.

(I am really cutting it short ofc)

Going by this, I dont see how they could fit in a city that relies on this sandstorm to be seen. It will imply for starters that it was done afterwards, in which case the story I think pretty much shows that the war kinda ended there?

But I really do like your idea and it would be interesting how they could add it in there.

Perhaps, as a last attempt to defeat the humans, or the humans perhaps even, in an attempt to use the weapon of the enemy against them, decided to create a bastion normally not visible to sight, so as to push forward from for one last attack? No idea. But it would be interesting to see if they could fit it in. I just think it might really be creating plotholes.

@Hazaron you should probably warn of spoilers in your post, since I don’t think you could hide them, and some might not want to inadvertently see it.

Hmm. I was thinking more that we should have a dungeon that is hidden within a sandstorm.

So, you could theoretically work it into that lore.

[spoiler]You have the elemental stuck in it’s loop. When you get the artifact that’s part of the main questline, let it trigger a side-line for the dungeon.

A ritual or something that draws the elemental from the temporal loop[/spoiler], and instead traps it within the new dungeon, within a temporal field that prevents it from escaping, and a whirling sandstorm exists around the dungeon entrance, that rips any who try to enter to shreds.

By using the artifact, you part the sands and gain entry to the dungeon. Inside, the field exists partly within the past, future, and present, and in it you can fight and defeat the elemental boss, ending what was begun so many years ago.

I added a spoiler tag. Thanks. Yeah I think they could fit it in somewhere in the lore without ruining the Plot.

oh, didnt know we had that option. there, fixed :smiley:

and btw, thats a nice idea actually.

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