Suggestion/Feedback - Sandstorm Creatures - Blizzards of the North

I have been discussing this with other players and this was something that was brought up as a suggestion/wish.

The beginning sequence shows Conan rescued Razma from the crucifix only to have a sandstorm with sandbeast arrive.

We would like to see lesser sandbeasts/scorpions/snakes show up randomly during a sandstorm.

It could be an option to turn off/on in Admin panel for Admins of servers or solo-player game so those that do not want a deadlier version of the sandstorm do not have deal with the added danger.

EDIT: We run a server in NORMAL play. Everything is the default setting. No fast harvest. No fast leveling. Nothing but our wit and will to survive.

EDIT #2: As per one of the posts in this thread. Blizzard-version of the Sandstorm in the North was also discussed as something on the wish list.


Ya, this was originally their intent. There is still remnants of different things that reference “sandstorm monsters” and such in the dev kit. I know that they talked about why it was never implemented but I don’t recall the specifics and I don’t know whether or not it was permanently tabled or simply paused for the time being.

We actually discussed blizzards in the north similar to the sandstorm to the south as well. I love that idea!

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I would love a blizzard in the north, and deep snow similar to the desert sand dunes


It feels like the Sandstorm is simply too short in duration to host any kind of sandstorm monster attack.

Maybe if the Sandstorm lasted longer, which I have no qualms with. “There’s something in The Mist!”

I’m not the only one who thinks Sandstorms are short! Huzzah! In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind longer sandstorms… or even a slider for sandstorm duration. Course I’m also sadistic in that I wish there was a toggle to allow sandstorms themselves to cause damage to buildings…


But sandstorms make no harm near the Noob River - and later on you get Sandstorm mask and ignore sandstorm completely. I’d like to have some random creatures (not too many of course) with some valuable drop! I’d hunt them for Demon blood for example after getting Sandstorm mask feat on lvl. 30 - imps give very small amount and other mobs are for higher-level players.

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To make it more of a challenge, I have started running around without a sandstorm mask even at level 60. I like not knowing if I will get caught out in the desert when a sandstorm strikes.


I actually raised this idea just recently in my own suggestions list ‘The Suggestions of Croms Faithful Pt2’. So Im in agreement on this one:

Check it out yourself and any others on this thread and vote it up if you like. The more of us who get behind the idea, the better its chance of making it into the game.

EDIT: ps- Im all for the blizzards/snowstorms too!


Yes Special Creatures in storms. I love this. While sandstorms are annoying at the beginning they are hardly worth thinking about later in the game. This is suppose to be a magical storm, Lets get some magical creatures. something that drops Demon blood would make lower levels want to brave the storm.


Really would like to see the other biomes with a sandstorm equivelent.

Sandbeasts would be way to much for a low level with a stone sword and minimal stamina to handle. Especially with the new buffs to npcs and potential better ai in future.

In saying that, i currently see sandstorms as more of an annoyance than danger. I dont need a mask if at full health when it begins and it just means i cant see to mine/build.
Maybe have sandbeasts spawn above the lattitude of the tower of bats. This would give low lvl guys a chance to leg it to saftey while mining iron and higher lvls something to fight while they cant build during a sandstorm.

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To be honest, I was a little surprised to learn that there wasn’t hazardous blizzards in the snowy areas.

As for the rain in the highlands, jungle and tundra areas, well it pretty much rains all the time, though apparently that might be a bug. We do get thunderstorms on occasion though, and those are pretty cool, but they don’t pose any danger.

I’m not entirely sure I’d want thunderstorms to pose a danger like sandstorms do though, since I’m not sure what kind of item you could give a player to prevent them from getting killed outside of a shelter. For blizzards you could give them a cold weather version of the sandstorm mask and maybe a heavy coat, but a mask won’t help against lightning. Rubber boots maybe? Disposable lightning rods? Golf clubs? :thinking:

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I absolutely love these ideas. And I honestly hope the devs add something like this.

Sandstorms with the sandbeasts (like in the opening cinematic…) absolutely excellent! I really thought that was what will happen when I started playing CE.
The sanstorms are also a massive lore thing so any emphasis on how bad they are would just feel right.

Now Blizzards, YEAH! Hells YEAH!!!
The North is nice but I think blizzards would balance it out nicely, and give it that extra survival layer when going to farm stuff or explore. Not to mention the masks that gets redundant just a little while after crafting. I would love to have a reason to use it again.

The jungle areas would also need something and I have read other players suggest swarms of bugs or bats which sounds very cool and on par. But if the jungle stays its ok I guess.
But Blizzards and sandstorm beasts NEED to get added! PLEEEEASE!!!

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Maybe made of all that excess oil (probly should be resin but i dont wanna waste that on boots) and leather we have.

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