New storms/weather/pets

The sandstorm is one thing Funcom got right… it never causes lag, it looks great, but what happened to the sandstorm beasts that were supposed to accompany it? Sandstorm beasts hit like trucks, however there could be a rare version of the storm with a dark red sky, a little extra warning, maybe 5 minutes, where sandstorm beasts fade into existence. Give us something to fear while leveling up or farming, adds to the risk of being caught out.

Other zones should definitely have storms as well, blizzards in the north, drifting into the tundra area, causing freezing rain in the mounds of the dead, flurries in the highlands, a hurricane in the rainforest, a firestorm in the volcano where you literally can only survive with extremely high heat resistance (mismourn shield, legendary gear from unnamed city, maybe even eating ice). Or a creepy gaseous green mist in the mounds of the dead every so often with things lurking within.

Even further thoughts, rare pets could accompany these storms, tameable in some difficult way or another.

It would be an exciting feature of the game in my opinion, all that heat resistent/cold resistent/gas protection equipment could have a good use. Proper gear such as masks could help clear up vision as well.


I’ve often wondered why we have sandstorms and that’s it. I would love to see more storm systems and challenges appear randomly.


While there is a lore reason for why the Sandstorm is as it is and where it is, that’s no reason why the Frozen North couldn’t have a blizzard, the Volcano an ash storm etc etc.

The feeling of danger it adds is very immersive, and makes you feel connected to the land. While it’s mostly only dangerous at lower levels, even at higher levels you still try to remember your sandstorm mask - and that’s pretty cool. It’s one of the reasons I ultimately decided to base myself in the desert (the broken temperature mechanics where you die while logged out in certain locales also played a part I’ll admit).


Sounds amazing, not that they are not scary enough already :stuck_out_tongue:

Used to hate the storms and just get irritated by the interruption but they have really grown on me as a mechanic…

There is a mod with snow storms that drastically reduce the temperature and visibility, and also add alternative paths for the existing sand storm so it isn’t so predictable.

There should be more dynamic events and weather would be the easiest place to expand on since it only requires an area effect and pathing rather than scripting a siege or crusade.

We have the sandstorms of the desert, we can have the blizzards of the northern peaks, the lava volcano can increase in activity and generate more heat or spew out lava rocks, and the jungle could get heavy fog making travel at the basin extremely dangerous.


Why are you people so much unable to understand that the sandstorm in CE are not just ordinary sandstorms you suffer in an ordinary desert biome; But they are the consequence of some unmastered magic that caused the transformation of a big part of the land around the Unnamed City in the desert biome we know.
It’s because of that there isn’t other dangerous kind of weather in the other biome.

I don’t expect it’s just that people don’t understand so much as that it adds an interesting hazard to the desert; some of the other biomes could benefit from (natural) hazards of a similar nature. I get that there are lore reasons for the vigour of that particular storm, but not everyone has played through that far.

Fact is there is a climate, and weather exists so there should be weather patterns. The fact that the south was decimated by a uncontrollable desert shouldn’t dictate whether or not the north gets a blizzard.

with the sandstorm’s regularity in the exiled lands it would drive a… very unusual weather systems… the dry of the desert, the moisture from the sea, the heat from the volcano, and the cold from the highlands would combine to form massive weather fronts that are unnatural and a common occurrence.

i’d like to see raging blizzards in the north, fog in the forest/jungles, floods in the noob river, and tornadoes randomly throughout the desert lands when the sandstorm is elsewhere!

I would just like for the sandstorm to have the path it did six months ago.

I would really enjoy more environmental threats in the game.
Need definitely more stuff like blizzards and volcanic eruptions with gas clouds.
Sandstorms should also bring demons with them so they are still a thing for higher lvl players.

This is amazing suggestion and wish FC would take it seriously and actually implement some of these ideas. Sadly seems like it won’t happen but it’ll be great for the game if it was to be implemented.


how about an eruption for the volcano, causing increased heat as well as biome wide noxious gas?